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Benefits of Shilajit According to the Minerals​

This organic-mineral product still excites the imagination with its inexhaustible potential in terms of healing the human body from a thousand and one ailments. Shilajit in Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medical treatise, contains odes and whole chapters. There are many recipes for Tibetan medicines with this component, which are attributed to unique healing properties. Shilajit is still little studied, its origin is unclear. It is only known that it is collected in the highlands of India, Tibet, the Caucasus, China, Pakistan ,  South America, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Central Asia and Russia. It is called differently in different parts of the world – baragshun, mummy-asil, chao-tun, mountain oil, mountain balsam. All its names are countless. The people who extract and use it all over the world agree on one thing – it still has unique healing properties

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It is a resinous substance that includes a huge amount of mineral and organic components. Collect it in rock crevices, in caves and voids. The very method of obtaining a mummy is quite extreme and not everyone can do it. Depending on the region where it is mined, it looks different:

  • Shilajit can be fragile and tightly plastic;
  • It can be matte or shiny;
  • It may be brown with dark gray spots;
  • Dark brown, almost black;
  • Has a specific smell.

Sometimes the mummy includes up to 80 components of organic and mineral origin. It contains:

  • Essential oils;
  • Amino acids;
  • Saturated fatty acids of animal origin;
  • Resins;
  • Trace elements – magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron, manganese and others.

It is unlikely that the healing properties of the mummy can be scientifically substantiated without a stretch. For thousands of years, people have been treating diseases with the help of this substance, but they have not bothered to provide a scientific basis for this phenomenon. But almost all “naturopaths” know that the mummy helps to cure:

  • gynecological diseases;
  • prevent strokes and heart attacks;
  • in case of injuries and fractures, it helps to restore bone;
  • oncology and tuberculosis are better treatable;
  • neuralgia and migraine;
  • gastrointestinal diseases;
  • Skin diseases of an autoimmune nature – psoriasis, lupus, allergic skin rashes, furunculosis.

Treatment with mummy drugs has been allowed in our country since 2000. Therefore, mummy tablets have ceased to be a curiosity on drugstore counters.

Benefits of Shilajit According to the Minerals | shilajet

Shilajit useful properties

This wonderful mountain resin, or mountain tears, as the Altaians poetically call it, is:

  • natural antibiotic. Taking a mummy with rapidly current inflammatory processes, there is every chance to significantly improve the patient’s condition. The inflammation quickly subsides, and the pathogenic bacteria die.
  • Shilajit is indispensable for any deviations in the blood formula. Taking drugs with mummy restores hemoglobin to normal, lowers the level of leukocytes, and helps to increase red blood cells in the blood.
  • Shilajit is an antioxidant, which means that Shilajit preparations neutralize free radicals that destroy cell membranes.
  • Taking mummy reduces the level of bad cholesterol, which helps to cleanse blood vessels from cholesterol plaques. Thanks to this, the risk of stroke is significantly reduced, and hypertension is declining.
  • Shilajit is taken for injuries and fractures, because it promotes the growth of osteoclast cells, epithelial tissues.
  • It heals ulcers and erosions in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Heals women from infertility and men from impotence.

Shilajit, one of the few remedies that suits everyone. The exception is drug intolerance – this is the only reason to refuse treatment with this natural drug. And, perhaps, pregnancy. Moreover, to refuse to take orally mummy-containing preparations during pregnancy should only be because there have been no studies on its effect on the development of the fetus.

Shilajit is also good for :

  • injuries, fractures and burns;
  • stomach ulcer and gastroduodenitis;
  • inflammatory processes in the uro-genital system;
  • When poisoned, the body promotes detoxification.
  • treats inflammatory processes in the lower and upper respiratory tract.
  • Altai mummy treats oncology, depression, autoimmune disorders.

The quality of a real Altai mummy is very high. If you are lucky enough to get a natural product that has not been purified, then you can count it as real luck. Because even all the impurities contained in the natural Altai mummy also have healing properties. Phytotherapists think so. But official medicine does not agree with this, and tablets of purified Altai mummy are sold in the pharmacy network.

It is possible to use the mummy for treatment for the treatment of major diseases and for prophylactic purposes. It must be taken according to the following scheme:

  • With a person weighing up to 90 kg – 0.2 g 2 times a day, dissolving the mummy in 1/4 cup of warm boiled water.
  • When weighing more than 90 kg, add 0.1 g for every 10 kg of weight. But no more than 0.8 g per day.

Golden Shilajit

This is a kind of Altai Shilajit. It differs from the classic color – it has a reddish tint. Therefore, there is no reason to believe that the golden Shilajit has any exceptional properties. Moreover, herbalists and herbalists prefer the dark brown classic substrate, because it is in it that all the power of the mountain resin is concentrated. The golden Shilajit is used in cosmetology:

  • They are enriched with shampoos and hair masks;
  • Balms are prepared to get rid of scars and stretch marks:
  • Add to tonics and lotions for inflamed skin;
  • It is taken to tone the body with chronic fatigue and nervous strain.

Shilajit for hair

With so many advantages, the Shilajit cannot be unacceptable in cosmetology. Taking Shilajit inside in combination with hair masks, which include Shilajit invariably leads to the following results:

  • Hair becomes manageable, smooth and shiny;
  • There is a regeneration of hair follicles, frozen and not producing hair growth due to unfavorable factors inside the body, or because of an aggressive external environment. Hair begins to grow and hair density increases.
  • Dandruff, increased oiliness disappear, hair looks healthy and beautiful.

To do this, it is enough to add 1 tablet of Shilajit dissolved in 1 teaspoon of water to any hair mask, even a purchased one. In addition, you need to take the Shilajit in a course of 20-25 days, according to the above proposed scheme.


For the antibacterial, bacteriostatic effect of suppositories with Shilajit, tannins, sulfur, silver, and a number of organic acids are responsible. Preparations on the Shilajit are effective against Escherichia coli, some varieties of staphylococcal bacteria, typhoid fever pathogens, dysentery and other pathogenic microflora.

And, finally, Shilajit owes its anti-inflammatory properties to organic and polyunsaturated acids, vitamins K, E and C, as well as calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium and a whole list of other elements found in it.

Course use is recommended for acute and chronic inflammation of a gynecological nature, erosion, thrush, hemorrhoids, paraproctitis, inflammation, swelling and abscesses of the rectum and vagina, as well as for other pathological processes of this localization.

In addition to suppositories for rectal and vaginal use, you can use a cream stick with a Shilajit. It has a wide range of applications, including for internal mucous membranes.

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