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Salajeet Shilajit in Qatar Shilajit – what is it, application, composition, benefits and treatment​

ما هو الشيلاجيت وتطبيقه وتكوينه وفوائده وعلاجه

Salajeet Shilajit in Qatar
Salajeet Shilajit in Qatar

What is the use of a Shilajit?

Salajeet Shilajit in Qatar

  • Diseases of the stomach. Reduces the secretion of acid in the stomach. restores the gastric mucosa.
  • Diseases of the brain. It has been proven that Shilajit is able to regulate intracranial pressure.
  • Shilajit is an excellent remedy in the fight against stress and trauma, it brings recovery closer.
  • Shilajit lowers blood glucose levels.
  • Viral diseases. It neutralizes viruses, actively helps in the fight against the herpes virus.
  • Shilajit is actively involved in the process of bone regeneration in various injuries, is used to prevent osteoporosis.
  • Man’s health. Shilajit increases the level of testosterone in the body of men, restores libido, improves erectile function, and increases fertility.
  • Women Health. Shilajit strengthens hair, relieves skin rashes, is used in the treatment of infertility, has anti-aging properties, improves immunity.

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Contraindications to the use of Shilajit

  • With the correct use of the Shilajit after consultation with the attending physician, there are no side effects as such. But you should be careful when using iron and Shilajit supplements – in this case, an increase in the level of iron in the blood is possible.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the Shilajit. It must be 100% natural. Heavy metal impurities can make you feel unwell.
  • Be attentive to your body: allergic reactions are possible. Discontinue use if any undesirable symptoms occur.
  • Consultation with the attending physician is required.

Which Shilajit to choose?

Salajeet Shilajit in Qatar

Where i can buy Shilajit in Qatar ?

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