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Shilajit in Kuwait | Shilajit benefits | شيلاجيت في الكويت | فوائد الشيلاجيت

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شيلاجيت – ما هو ، التطبيق ، التركيب ، الفوائد والعلاج

Shilajit in Kuwait – what is it, application, composition, benefits and treatment

First, let’s figure out what a Shilajit is. It is an organomineral substance that is widespread in several countries, including Russia. In consistency, it is a sticky, pasty, slightly resinous substance. Shilajit stands out from rocks in summer, in warm weather, when the air and mountains are warmed up by the sun. The details of the formation of this substance are still not known exactly. It has only been proven that microorganisms, plants, rocks and animals are involved in the formation of Shilajit.

Shilajit has long been used for the prevention of many diseases; it is rightfully considered one of the best sources of nutrients.

What is a Shilajit made of?

85 minerals – this figure was named by scientists after a thorough study of the composition. All of these substances have an antioxidant effect, strengthen the body and help replenish energy.

It should be said about fulvic acids, which make up about 80% of Shilajit. When considering the composition of the Shilajit, the following substances were identified:

  • amino acids;
  • humic acid – antioxidant;
  • benzoic and gipuric acid – active antiseptics;
  • fatty organic acids;
  • resin – has a beneficial effect on the work of digestion;
  • albumin – are responsible for the synthesis of blood plasma proteins;
  • steroids and terpenoids;
  • polyphenolic complexes – relieve inflammation, rejuvenate the body;
  • Other micronutrients and macronutrients;

Mumiyo – a natural gift of mountain gorges

Mumiyo is a natural remedy of ancient medicine that has not lost its practical value in our days. It is called differently: “mountain wax”, “mountain balsam”, “sweat of rocks”, etc.

The origin of the name “mumiyo” is still unclear. Translated from Greek, it means “preserving the body.” The word “mumiyo” was used in the writings of Aristotle, who for the first time, 2500 years ago, described its medicinal properties.

What is mumiyo, its origin

Despite the long history of the study and use of this substance, there is no consensus on the origin of mountain balsam. Some researchers consider it to be a rock formed in the cracks of rocks; there is information about significant accumulations of mumiyo in deep caves, in places inaccessible for the penetration of animals, birds and plants. This indicates the possibility of the formation of mountain wax from minerals, but with the obligatory participation of microorganisms.

 Shilajit in Kuwait


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