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Natural Herbs Shop Shilajit ( Silajit , salajeet, sheelajit , Shilajeet, سلاجیت، شلاجیت، شیلاجیت )

Shilajit holland and barrett

What is Shilajit? Shilajit UK holland and barrett

Shilajit is a naturally occurring material that flows from rocks in the Himalayas throughout the summer. It is a complex mixture of organic and inorganic substances that includes fulvic acid, humic acid, minerals, trace elements, and a variety of bioactive components. Shilajit has been used in traditional Ayurvedic treatment for ages to boost general health and vigour.

How It came into Being?

Shilajit is created over generations as a result of plant matter degradation and microbial activity. It is most commonly found in the rocky Himalayan regions of Nepal, India, and Bhutan. Shilajit’s makeup varies depending on its geographical origin, but it typically contains minerals such as iron, copper, magnesium, and zinc, as well as fulvic and humic acids.

Shilajit paste natural herbs shop
Shilajit paste natural herbs shop

Where to Buy Shilajit? Shilajit at holland and barrett

We At Natural Herbs shop collect the Raw Shilajit ,Process it and ship to customers direct from the Himalayas. We use ancient procedures and do not add any sort of flavor or chemical from our own side. Our product is Always fresh and pure.

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Shilajit Composition

Shilajit contains a concentrated complex of minerals, humic and fulvic acids, trace elements and plenty of traces of amino acids and organic vitamins, Vitamin (A, B1, B2, B6, B9, B12), Copper (copper gluconate) ,Potassium (potassium phosphate), Iron (peptone) , Manganese (manganese gluconat), Chrome (chrome picolinate), Selenium۔

Benefits of himalayan shilajit holland and barrett

shilajit benefits holland and barrett

FAQS holland and barrett shilajit UK | Shilajit h&b

Questions and Answers

  • Blood sugar Control
  • Blood Pressure Control
  • Stress
  • Mental Health
  • Fertility (Both male and female)
  • Body weakness (joint Pain , Knee pain)
  • Anti-aging
  • Skin issues
  • Digestion
  • And Many more.
Pure Himalayan Shilajit By Natural herbs Shop Humic Acid Fulvic Acid UK Quality Tested ,Shipped Direct From Himalayas (10 Grams) gallary 3

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